simulated ABR (sABR) Software

simulated Auditory Brainstem Response (sABR) Software

This software is an excellent addition to any educational program that instructs students and/or clinicians on how to perform Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) assessments of hearing thresholds or neurological ABR screening of retrocohlear pathology. The sABR program was developed by Dr. Herdman to aid in instructing clinicians on how to conduct ABR assessments in infants and adults who have various types and degrees of hearing functions. The simulated ABRs are based on models of data extracted from several decades of published research on ABR.

Update March 22, 2018:

sABR v8.3

  • added on-line tracking of SNR, p-value, and RN
  • improved ABR modeling to better reflect realistic SNR and RN values
  • added standard-deviation ratio (SDR) calculation
  • included notched-noise masking
  • ability to save and load sABR data
  • improved modeling of off-frequency responses in steep-sloping losses

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sABR software can simulate ABRs for:

1) various types of hearing function

  • normal
  • conductive threshold shifts
  • sensorineural threshold shifts
  • auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder
  • retrocochlear involvement

2) full range of hearing thresholds (-10 to 110 dB HL)

3) across all ages (birth to 122+ years old)

4) tone (500 to 4000 Hz) and click (rarefaction & condensation) stimuli

5) Air-conduction and Bone-conduction testing

6) Online plotting of SNR, p-value, and RN (updated in v8.3)

 Download a trial version of sABR Software

You may download a trial version of the software that will only allow you to simulate ABRs for a normal hearing infant. If you would like to unlock the full version of sABR, then please contact Dr. Herdman at

Window 8 & 10 OS 

  1. sABR software v8.3 Trial (matlab 2017b RunTime libraries NOT included) [size: ~370 mB] : Updated March 22, 2018 (Download Expires May 25, 2018)

Trial password = sABR2018Trial

Installation Notes:

  • Installation will likely require administrative permissions on your computer to install. If you have such permissions, you will need to accept the installation security prompts.
  • sABR requires the installation of matlab2017b  RunTime libraries. The sABR installation should initiate installation of these libraries. If not please install manually from the matlab website:
  • After installing sABR, make sure that the “Noise_1259samps.mat” file is in the sABR application directory.  The Installation executable should do this automatically. Failure to transfer the file can results in several minutes of initial processing time where pressing acquire for the first time in the sABR program will cause it to hang for several minutes/hours and will appear to not be doing anything.
  • a connection to the internet is needed to access the license server for sABR software to start up.

Mac & Linux OS:

Future releases. Coming soon …

Tutorials on YouTube

New tutorials for sABR v8.3 will be coming soon …

Tutorial 1 part 1

Tutorial 1 part 2