The School of Audiology and Speech Sciences at UBC owes its reputation for excellence in research to the outstanding research programs of faculty members. SASS faculty are engaged in research in all areas of human communication and its disorders.

Student Involvement in Research

At SASS, student involvement in research is a crucial aspect of education. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are valued as key members of SASS research teams. The School’s faculty believe that educating independent, successful researchers requires providing not only strong guidance, but also enough freedom for student researchers to explore uncharted territory, and to discover new knowledge.

Research Settings and Partnerships

Research is conducted both in well-equipped university laboratories, and in clinical settings in the community. The School’s relationships with numerous clinical faculty members — located in schools, health units, private practices and hospitals across Canada — allow faculty members and students to work at the forefront of the field, implementing innovative, research-based solutions in clinical settings. Given the interdisciplinary and inter-professional nature of some of the School’s work, faculty members and students also collaborate with academics from other disciplines (e.g. linguistics, nursing, otolaryngology, psychology, and social work).

The School’s research activities are well supported by a variety of competitive private and public sources, including Tri-Council funding. Faculty members’ research findings are disseminated in a wide variety of forms to many different audiences, including academic, professional, and public audiences.