Ultrasound in Speech Training

Presentation by Penelope Bacsfalvi, Ph.D., CCC-SLP(C), and Bosko Radanov M.Sc., SLP(C)

This presentation has been provided as a resource for the School’s clinical, research and instructor colleagues.

Ultrasound has shown great promise as a visual feedback tool in speech therapy. Our clinical research to date (Bacsfalvi, Bernhardt, Gick, 2007; Bernhardt, Bacsfalvi, Gick, Radanov, & Williams, 2005) shows positive results for using ultrasound in direct therapy or in a consultative model of usage. Larger, controlled experimental studies are needed to provide ultimate evaluation of the consultative use of ultrasound as an adjunct to speech therapy.

These video clips provide the viewer with new information about the dynamic tongue movement in 2-D. The ultrasonic wave reflects the displayed images that show tongue shape and dynamic movement. The sagittal view displays images from the tongue tip to the tongue root. The coronal view shows any midline grooving or the relative height of the sides and midline of the tongue.

Ultrasound Video


This DVD was made possible, in part, by funding provided for our study in rural British Columbia through the B.C. Medical Services Foundation. In addition we would like to thank the support and advice from Dr. B.M. Bernhardt in making of this share-ware. We would also like to thank Dr. B. Gick for loaning us his lab and equipment and for input from Marcy Adler-Bock. And finally, we would like to thank all the participants and their families from past studies with whom we learned.

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