Speech-Language Pathology

Program Description

The School’s graduate program offers the best possible combination of a theoretical foundation and real-life experience for a career in speech-language pathology.

Duration of Studies

The Master of Science Program in Speech-Language Pathology spans 21-36 consecutive months, depending on the student’s undergraduate preparation.


During a student’s time in the program, they will take a minimum of 30 credits of graduate coursework in areas such as human communication and clinical speech-language pathology. They will also complete five clinical externships in community settings, supervised by practitioners. Students will complete a final requirement by either conducting research and completing a thesis, completing a project or paper, or taking a comprehensive exam.

Degree Earned

On completion of the program, students will earn a M.Sc. degree. The M.Sc. in speech-language pathology denotes an outstanding scientific education and excellent clinical preparation. The M.Sc. is needed for certification to practice in Canada as a professional speech-language pathologist.

Opportunity for Ph.D. Enrollment

After one year in the M.Sc. program students may apply to transfer to the Ph.D. program. In some cases, students continue to also complete the coursework and practica required for certification as a speech-language pathologist.