NEW MSc SLP Vancouver Island Cohort

Beginning September 2024, the UBC MSc Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program is expected to become fully distributed, with two student cohorts, one in Vancouver and the other in Victoria, the Island cohort. Please note that the distributed program that includes the Island cohort is still pending final university approval by UBC and the University of Victoria (UVic). Successful applicants will be admitted to the distributed program once it has been approved. Until then, students will continue to be admitted to the UBC Point Grey program. 

The Vancouver cohort of 36 students will attend lectures and labs at the UBC Point Grey campus. An additional 8 students will attend lectures and labs at the Vancouver Island Tech Park (VITP) site in Victoria. Students from both sites will be UBC students, but the MSc SLP Island cohort will also be affiliated with UVic.

The distributed program will be delivered using video-conferencing technology that allows instructors and students to interact in real-time at multiple locations. At both the Vancouver and Victoria sites, all MSc SLP students will complete the same curriculum at the same time.

In the online application to the MSc SLP program, applicants will be asked to indicate a preferred study site: Vancouver Point Grey or Victoria VITP. Site preference will not impact consideration of your application. Applicants will be evaluated in the same way, regardless of preferred site. 

For successful SLP applicants, offers of admission to the distributed program will include assignment to either the Vancouver or the Island cohort. Although stated site preference will be considered as much as possible, please note that not all applicants may be assigned to the cohort at their preferred site.