Clinical Externships

What is a Clinical Externship?

A Clinical Externship consists of a period of time ranging anywhere from five days to 11 weeks. During this time, students are placed under the supervision of a practicing audiologist in a real-life community setting. Students provide supervised clinical service to clients with hearing disorders. As students progress in the externships, and under continued professional supervision, they will gradually assume greater responsibility for clients. The School’s program strives to provide students with experience in all aspects of the audiology major.

How many Clinical Externships will I complete?

During the program students will complete a minimum of five clinical externships including four major externships in audiology and one minor externship in speech-language pathology. Students will alternate between basic academic clinical coursework and laboratories with clinical externships. For details about timing of externships see externship schedules.

Where will my externships take place?

Diversity is extremely valuable to your training as a professional. The School’s program provides students with the unique opportunity to work under supervision with clients of all ages in a variety of locations and settings. Students will attend some clinical externships in the greater Vancouver area and at least two externship placements in out-of-town sites (elsewhere in the province or out of British Columbia). These out-of-town placements will require temporary relocation outside the Vancouver area, and will entail some additional expenses. The Clinical Coordinators (faculty members who arrange clinical externships) will consider students requests concerning setting and location when assigning externships, while first considering the matching based on what students need to learn and availability of externships.

Will I meet the requirements for SAC certification?

Students’ clinical externships provide them with the opportunity to accumulate the requisite clinical hours required for certification by SAC (Speech-Language and Audiology Canada). SAC certification requires a Canadian Master’s degree or equivalent, requisite clinical hours, and a written exam. This standard is normally required to practice as a professional audiologist.

What if I have more questions about externships?

Once accepted to the graduate program, students will attend an orientation specifically about clinical externships. At the orientation students are given detailed information about clinical externships, and have the opportunity to ask specific questions. Details regarding immunization and criminal record check requirements will be reviewed during orientation, and arrangements will be made for these to be completed through UBC.