Clinical Externships

*Note: Due to the Covid-19 situation and its impact on the School’s curriculum and availability of clinical externship sites, the information and conditions described below may be modified to accommodate Covid related public health measures and consequent constraints. The School is committed to maintaining high standards of academic and clinical education that will enable students to develop the competencies necessary for successfully completing their programs and being prepared to enter clinical practice. Any Covid related modifications to their program will uphold these standards of excellence.

What is a Clinical Externship?

A Clinical Externship is an opportunity to learn and apply clinical skills. You will provide clinical service to clients with communication & swallowing disorders while under the supervision of a speech-language pathologist. As you progress in the externships, you will gradually assume greater responsibility for clients. Our program provides you with a broad clinical experience to gain an understanding of a variety of aspects of speech-language pathology.

When will my externships take place?

There will be four clinical externships courses in your major area of study during the course of your graduate program. You can view the past externship schedules on our website for both Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Exact dates and formats are subject to adaptations required by any changing conditions related to COVID. Please be aware that the M.Sc. program is a full-time program for its duration, and that the expectation is that you are a full-time student including for the spring-summer term when externships may have a variety of schedules.

Where will my externships take place?

While you will learn more about this as the year progresses, the location of externships will take you out of the Vancouver Lower Mainland. There is an expectation that students be prepared to complete at least two externships outside of the Lower Mainland, and occasionally out of province. Expenses to cover travel, accommodation, living and externship-related costs are the sole responsibility of the student and we strongly encourage that you plan for these costs proactively. Access to a car while on externship significantly increases available placement options for students. Please also note that a drivers licence is also commonly required by employers. With the support of community donors, the School has a modest amount of externship funding that is assigned at the discretion of the School to students experiencing financial hardship.

What if I have more questions about externships?

If you are accepted to the graduate program you will have an orientation and an opportunity to ask specific questions. At the orientation you are given detailed information about clinical externships, immunizations and criminal records checks, which will be arranged through UBC.