Academic Faculty

(For the academic year 2015 to 2016)


Barbara May Bernhardt, Ph.D.
Phonological, phonetic and general language development (typical and protracted); First Nations English dialects and implications for assessment and intervention

Valter Ciocca, Ph.D.
Auditory scene analysis; auditory grouping of speech and non-speech sounds; perception and production of normal and disordered speech

Associate Professors

Anthony Herdman, Ph.D.
Audiology; visual perceptions, attention, language and memory

Lorienne M. Jenstad, Ph.D.
Audiology; hearing aids and amplification; auditory aging

Stefka H. Marinova-Todd , ED.D.
Second language acquisition; language development and language learning difficulties of bilingual children

Navid Shahnaz, Ph.D.
Diagnostic audiology, including multifrequency tympanometry and acoustic reflex studies in adults and newborns

Jeff Small, Ph.D.
Acquired language disorders, including dementia and aphasia; adult language processing/psycholinguistics

Susan Small, Ph.D.
Pediatric audiology

Paola Colozzo, Ph.D.
Developmental language disorders; language and cognition; discourse, assessment and intervention for children with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds . Dysphagia

Assistant Professors

Tami Howe, Ph.D.
Acquired language disorders; aphasia

Stacey Skoretz, Ph.D.

Senior Instructors

Marcia Choi, M.Sc.
Clinical Education and Coordinator; Interprofessionalism


Wendy Duke, M.Sc.
Acquired communication disorders; clinical education

Glenda Mason, Ph.D.
Instructor, Developmental Communication Disorders; Clinical Educator

Eavan Sinden, M.Sc.
Aphasia; clinical education

Sasha Brown
Audiology Instructor

Clinical Associate Professor

Linda Rammage, Ph.D.
Voice science & voice pathology

Sandra Taylor, M.Sc.
Clinical education; early language development and disorders

Clinical Instructors

Darlene Hicks, M.Sc.
Clinical education; audiology

Clinical Coordinator

Cheryl McGee, M.Sc.

Adjunct Professors

Rachel S. Richards, M.P.T.

Sigfrid D. Soli, Ph.D.