Lorienne Jenstad

Associate Professor

B.A. (Queens)
M.Cl.Sc. (Western Ontario)
Ph.D. (U. Washington)


Phone: (604) 822-4716
Fax: (604) 822-6569
E-mail: ljenstad@audiospeech.ubc.ca


Lorienne Jenstad, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Audiology and Speech Sciences and Senior Research Affiliate with the Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility. She received her Master’s degree in audiology from the University of Western Ontario. Subsequently, she went to Seattle Washington for her doctoral studies with a focus on hearing aid processing for older adults. Her teaching and research interests include hearing and aging, hearing aid processing, and hearing health care for older adults. She is currently conducting research studies on hearing aids, communication between patients and health care providers, and treatment strategies for workers with hearing loss.

Hearing aid amplification, with particular focus on the following areas:

1) The effects of amplification signal processing on speech acoustics and speech intelligibility;
2) Determining the acoustic cues used in speech perception by older adults with hearing loss;
3) Determining candidacy for types of signal processing in hearing aids, particularly for older adults.

Dr. Jenstad directs the Amplification Lab

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AUDI 513 (25%) – Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics
AUDI 530 – Research Methods
AUDI 556 – Amplification
AUDI 557 – Advanced Amplification
AUDI 569 – Hearing and Aging