Linda Rammage

Adjunct Professor

BA, University of Alberta, 1977
MSc, University of British Columbia, 1979
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992



Linda Rammage has been practicing as a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 40 years, with a primary focus on voice and laryngeal dysfunction.  A founder of BC’s Provincial Voice Care Resource Program, Linda now practices exclusively in her private practice. Linda is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery and Adjunct Clinical Professor in the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia.  She has served as a clinical educator and instructor for UBC since 1980. She completed her MSc degree in Speech-language pathology at UBC in 1979, and her PhD in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1992. She is a certified member of SAC and a registrant of the College of Speech and Hearing Professionals of BC.

Linda has been working exclusively in the areas of Voice Science and Voice Disorders including alaryngeal speech, in her research, teaching and clinical activities since 1980. She has published and lectured internationally on assessment and management of voice disorders, psychopathology of voice disorders, voice care for professional and occupational voice users, muscle misuse voice disorders, the irritable larynx, and treatment outcomes.  She is an author of professional textbooks, has authored numerous chapters for professional textbooks and publishes self-help guides on optimizing voice function.

Linda has been and continues to be very involved in professional volunteer work throughout her professional career. She has served twice as President of the BC Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (now Speech and Hearing BC), is a Past-President of CASLPA (now SAC), a past chair of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC), past chair of the founding board of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professions of British Columbia (CSHBC) and chair of CSHBC for 5 years. Linda has served as chair of many national professional initiatives and projects and is currently chairing the Pan Canadian Alliance of Speech-Language and Audiology Associations, and co-chairing international and national conference committees.

Linda is currently engaged in clinical outcomes research with interprofessional collaborators from the medical fields of otolaryngology, neurosurgery, audiology and psychiatry.

Occupational Voice Problems, Voice Treatment Outcomes, Psychopathology and Voice Dysfunction


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AUDI 524 Disorders of Speech Production
AUDI 583 Advanced Speech Science: Production and Perception