Sandy Taylor


Clinical Coordinator & Clinical Associate Professor
Speech Language Pathology

B.A., Speech Sciences, UBC (1991),
M.Sc. Audiology and Speech Sciences UBC (1993)


Phone: (604) 827-4485
Fax: (604) 822-6569

Sandy Taylor’s areas of interest include clinical education and preschool speech and language disorders. She works for Vancouver Coastal Health in the Richmond clinic providing speech and language services to preschool children and their families. She has a particular interest in Selective Mutism in preschoolers. The clinic supports student placements in speech language pathology and audiology. In addition, her team provides interprofessional observations to medical students & psychiatry residents/staff.

At UBC, she co-teaches an introductory course in assessment of preschool children. As part of the team of clinical coordinators, she arranges externships for speech-language pathology & audiology students in the community. Through this process, she connects with the speech-language pathologists and sites that generously provide these clinical experiences for the School’s program.

AUDI 545 – Clinical Practice and Externship Preparation
This course prepares Year I SLP and Audiology students for their clinical externships in community settings. Class size is 34 students, with lectures, guest speakers, & clinical practice activities. Sandy co-teaches this course with the other UBC Clinical Coordinators.

Clinical Externship Courses:
The SLP Clinical Coordinators arrange & place students into externships with Clinical Faculty in the community.They support both the clinicians and students throughout the learning process.

AUDI 590 Speech- Language Pathology Externship I
AUDI 591 Speech-Language Pathology Externship II
AUDI 593 Speech-Language Pathology Externship III
AUDI 594 Speech-Language Pathology Externship IV