Stacey Skoretz

Assistant Professor


Phone: (604) 822-5482
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Dr. Skoretz is a medical Speech-Language Pathologist, an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and Director at the Swallowing Innovations Lab (Si-Lab) at UBC.  She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor with the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Alberta and Investigator with the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation at St. Paul’s Hospital/UBC.  Her research affiliations include Providence Health and Fraser Health.  Utilizing a clinical-research framework, Dr. Skoretz aims to improve health outcomes for people with dysphagia through evidence-based assessment and management.

At Si-Lab, Dr. Skoretz has an active and diverse research program spanning multiple centres across two Canadian provinces.  It is best described in three streams: 1) Discovery: primary research in critical illness, namely, investigating the cross-systems interactions during swallowing following artificial airway use and/or non-invasive ventilation; 2) Knowledge Translation: systematic evidence synthesis to guide clinical practice in the area of swallowing and its disorders as well as the creation of cross-species conceptual frameworks of feeding and swallowing rehabilitation; and 3) Education:  the development and evaluation of novel pedagogy and educational tools for skill and competency acquisition in swallowing.  Her research is funded by provincial and national grants and Dr. Skoretz has received numerous research awards for her work. In addition to conducting research in both British Columbia and Alberta, she teaches graduate-level courses in the areas of swallowing and motor speech at UBC-Vancouver and works clinically at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.

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Introduction to Dysphagia (AUDI 527)
Advanced Studies in Acquired Speech and Swallowing Disorders (AUDI 577)
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