50 Years of Memories

Stories and images of the School over the past 50 years from members of our School community, past and present.

We would love to hear about your memories and experiences at the School over the years to share here and on our social media. Some questions to get you started:

  • When were you a student/staff/faculty member at the School?
  • What is your favourite memory of your time at the School?
  • How has the School helped you in your career/life?
  • Do you have any photos of your studies, work, and time at the School?

Contact director.assistant@audiospeech.ubc.ca to feature!


Electro-cap training with former SASS Director, Dr. David Stapells!
Dr. David Stapells, SASS Emeritus, training audiology students how to use electro-caps in the early days of his Human Auditory Physiology Laboratory (HAPLAB). This photo was kindly shared with us by Dr. Susan Small, SASS faculty and a former PhD student of Dr. Stapells. Read More >

1973: SASS speech and hearing lab in the Mather Building
Ever wondered what the School’s speech and hearing labs looked like 50 years ago? This photo, from University of British Columbia Archives [UBC 100.1/8], was taken in 1973 in the Mather Building, where the School was based from 1972 to 2008. Read More >

Where it all began in 1969!
This photo is from University of British Columbia Archives [UBC 1.1/2396] and shows University Village back in 1960, where nine years later the School was first established in two rooms on the second floor of a commercial building in the Village! Read More >

July 1988: John Gilbert steps down as School Director
Photo kindly shared with the School by SASS Emerita Noelle Lamb. John Gilbert accepting a painting given to him by the faculty in great appreciation for all his years of dedication to this program from its beginning Read More >