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Whole Word Accuracy: Seeking SLP Listeners
Invitation to SLPs to be part of a Study: “Identification of whole word accuracy in preschool children’s speech by SLP listeners in both familiar and unfamiliar languages”. Increasingly, SLPs need to work with clients who do not speak the same language(s) as the SLP. Between July and December 2020, we will be conducting a study […] Read More >

In memoriam: André Lafargue
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Join Dr. Paola Colozzo and Dr. Pat Mirenda on April 30 at 3PM
Please join Dr. Paola Colozzo and Dr. Pat Mirenda for their talk, 'What Can I Do with My Child All Day?' Read More >

You are invited to attend Charlene Chang’s Master’s thesis defense
Come and attend Charlene Chang’s Master’s thesis defense on Wednesday 22 April at 12:30pm in Collaborate Ultra. Title: "Electrocochleography as a Diagnostic Tool for Noise-Induced Cochlear Synaptopathy". Read More >

COVID-19 Response Updates
The SASS Administration office will be closed beginning 18 March 2020. Read More >

Colloquium with Dr. Camilla Dawson, Tuesday 17 March – Cancelled
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Now Available: sABR Software
This software is an excellent addition to any educational program that instructs students and/or clinicians on how to perform Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) assessments of hearing thresholds or neurological ABR screening of retrocohlear pathology. The sABR program was developed by Dr. Anthony Herdman to aid in instructing clinicians on how to conduct ABR assessments in […] Read More >

Interested in studying Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology?
Stop by and see us on February 25th at the UBC Spring Career Fair! Read More >

In memoriam: Patrick Byrne
It is with much sadness and shock that I recently received news of Patrick Byrne’s illness and passing away. Patrick was an M.Sc. student in the School from 2003-2005. He will be remembered for his love of language, people, and bringing his wealth of experience, creativity, compassion, and wisdom to the School’s learning environment, and […] Read More >

Interested in Participating in the Children’s Speech Development Research Project?
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