Whole Word Accuracy: Seeking SLP Listeners

Invitation to SLPs to be part of a Study: “Identification of whole word accuracy in preschool children’s speech by SLP listeners in both familiar and unfamiliar languages”.

Increasingly, SLPs need to work with clients who do not speak the same language(s) as the SLP. Between July and December 2020, we will be conducting a study in three places (BC, Ottawa, Kuwait) with SLPs whose first languages are Arabic, French, and English. For BC, we invite first language English SLPs to participate.

The experiment will take about an hour and can be done on your own computer or if COVID restrictions permit later on, at UBC. Once you consider participating we will send you a document explaining the study and the languages, and a consent form to upload to a secure UBC site. In the experiment, you will have a short training module for English. Then you will hear single words from nine children (three speaking English, three French, and three Arabic). Each word will be paired with a phonetic transcription of the adult target. You will be asked to judge whether the children’s pronunciations fully match the adult target or not (No transcription, just a whole word match identification). Each child’s data will be presented as a set, and you will start with English. You can then upload your responses to the same secure website online. A small gift certificate will be offered. If interested in further information, please contact Barbara May Bernhardt at bernharb@mail.ubc.ca. Thank you for your interest. And we hope that you stay safe and healthy.

Barbara May Bernhardt, PhD, Professor Emerita, on behalf of the research team.