The grand opening of the James Mather Building in 1973!

This photo was taken during the grand opening of the James Mather Building in 1973. The School was based here until 2008, when it moved to its current location in the Friedman Building!

Photo credit: University of British Columbia Archives, ‘Opening of the Mather Building’ [UBC 5.2/260-6]

Pictured individuals: include Nathan Nemetz, Mrs. Mather, Walter Gage, John McCreary, Allan McGavin and William Webber.

The information below was sourced from: UBC library:

Location: 5804 Fairview Avenue

Architect: Paul Smith Associates

Cost: $1,096,645

Sources of funds: $526,390 Federal government’s Health Resource Fund; $422,443 Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward Foundation; $26,812 The Kresge Foundation; $26,000 The Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation $50,000 Senator Norman Paterson; $45,000 The Vancouver Foundation; The Donner Canadian Foundation.

Name History: It was named after the late James M. Mather, who had a leading role in establishing UBC’s Faculty of Medicine and the Head of Department of Preventive Medicine (now the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology).

Materials being used: Reused building materials such as bricks, pavers, glulams,etc.

Architectural features: The exterior of this building is made up of stucco with standard window details,curtain walls and bricks.

Building users: Faculty of Medicine, Schoolof Audiology and Speech Sciences, Family Practice, Health Care and Epidemiology, Institute of Health Promotion, Medical Genetics

Sources: Ceremonies Office; Fine Arts Pamphlet Files; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)