Memories from Dr. Barbara May Bernhardt, SASS Professor Emerita

When were you a student/staff/faculty member at the School?

As student: 1970-72 (MSc in Audiology and SLP), 1984-1990 (PhD, SLP). (NOTE: BA in German from UBC 1969)

As faculty: 1987 (Instructor), 1990-2017 – Assistant to Associate (1997) to Full Professor (2007)  > 2017- Professor Emerita

What are your favourite memories of your time at the School?

  • Classes over Macs Milk in the Village with Mumboburgers at the cafe in front and faculty a few years older than students!
  • Coffeehouse in the portables, 1990s
  • FUN-OLOGY LABS every year in AUDI 570!
  • LIVE CASE STUDIES from 2006-2017, AUDI 570
  • ALL Group!!

How has the School helped you in your career/life?

  • Gave me a profession, gave me a job!
  • Gave me the great privilege of meeting so many wonderful clients and carers, including the students who have gone on to clinical and research careers
  • SASS gave me an opportunity to
    • bring my avocations in the arts into the classroom
    • bring my interests in language and culture to crosslinguistic and cross-cultural research