Lunchtime Colloquium with Danielle Lafleur on Wednesday 23 November

We are pleased to announce Danielle Lafleur as our next presenter for the School’s colloquium series. She will present from 12:35-1:20PM on Wednesday 23 November.

Danielle Lafleur is a PhD student working with Dr. Lorienne Jenstad and a Registered Audiologist working at Connect Hearing.

WHEN: Wednesday 23 November, 12:35-1:20

WHERE: Friedman Room 355 or virtual (see below)

TITLE: Breaking Barriers: Empowering Primary Care Providers to be Instigators of Change in Hearing Health Care Practice

ABSTRACT: This talk will be an overview of the Breaking Barriers research project, co-led by Dr. Lorienne Jenstad and Dr. Brenda Poon. This project stemmed from a community consultation, which asked people with hearing loss what are the barriers and facilitators to hearing health care access. A significant barrier emphasized by the community was a perceived lack of hearing health knowledge or action by primary care providers. Increasing the knowledge of hearing health care and involvement of primary care providers in the hearing health care journey can act as an important facilitator to increase access. Increasing primary care involvement is consistent with the World Health Organization’s theme for World Hearing Day 2023.This project aims to increase primary care provider involvement in the hearing health care journey with education opportunities guided by audiologists, people with hearing loss, and primary care providers.

This community-based research project plans to use multiple methods including a literature review, a survey, and focus groups to collect data about primary care providers attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors regarding hearing health care. During this talk, I will describe the survey creation and survey results. I will discuss the process of the literature search and results so far. I will describe the process we are using to engage community partners with our community advisory group. Lastly, I will talk about the next steps in the research process, including focus groups with primary care providers and the development of an educational intervention.

Research funded by Vancouver Foundation and Michael Smith Health Research BC.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in attending virtually, please click here.