Is this how you do ABR?

Jenny Hatton, SASS alumna, experimenting with Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing equipment during her time working for the Human Auditory Physiology Lab (HAPLAB) in the mid 2000s!

Jenny now works for BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) and is a member of the BC Early Hearing Program (BCEHP). In her current Research and Clinical Audiology role, she provides ABR testing at BCCH, as well as ABR testing support and training to BCEHP audiologists.

We are also delighted to have Jenny as the School’s Clinical Faculty representative for audiology, serving as a liaison between clinical audiology faculty and the School. Her role involves seeking feedback, news, and updates from clinical faculty as well as the School; this information is then communicated through School meetings and regular emails to clinical audiology faculty.

This photo was kindly shared with us by Dr. Susan Small, SASS faculty and also a former member of the HAPLAB.