Invitation to Virtual Clinical Educator Engagement Event Monday May 16

Your SASS Clinical Faculty Representatives, Rachel Kennedy (SLP) and Li Qi (Audiology) and Clinical Practicum Coordinator, Cheryl McGee, are working on new initiatives to support our dedicated Clinical Community.

We would like to invite all clinicians to a virtual Clinical Educator Engagement event. This event is mainly designed for those clinicians who have not mentored a student before, for new Clinical Educators, or for those Clinical Educators who have not supervised a student in a few years, but anyone is welcome to attend!


This virtual event will take place on Monday May 16 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m PST. Please RSVP for zoom information.

The format will be as follows:
A panel of Clinical Educators who have experience mentoring students (2 from Audiology and 2 from Speech-Language Pathology) will answer questions about their involvement with supervising students. The majority of this event will be interactive, where attendees can ask the panel any and all questions about student supervision.

Some of the questions that will be addressed by the panel:
1. What is one thing being a Clinical Educator has taught you so far about student mentorship?
2. What was your biggest worry when you started as a Clinical Educator? Do you still have that worry now?
3. What is one piece of advice you would share with potential or relatively new Clinical Educators who think they are not ready to supervise students?

The Learning Objectives of this event are:
1. Clinical Community Building: To connect potential, new, and experienced Clinical Educators, regardless of geographical location.
2. Capacity Building: To increase the knowledge and confidence of potential Clinical Educators or CEs who have not mentored a student for a period of time, who have expressed that their main barrier to not taking a student is not feeling ready.
3. Network Building: Increase the clinical community’s awareness of their SASS points of contact 1) the CF Representatives and 2) the Academic Clinical Coordinators of Education (ACCE) team.

Please RSVP by completing this short Qualtrics survey by May 12 so we have an approximate idea of how many participants to expect.

After the event, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion that can be counted towards your Continuing Education Equivalents (CEEs).

We would also greatly appreciate if you could share this with any SLP or Audiologist who you think would be interested in attending.

If there are any questions about this event, please email Rachel Kennedy at, Li Qi at, or Cheryl McGee at

We look forward to seeing you on Monday May 16 at 12:00 p.m.!

Rachel, Li, and Cheryl