Colloquium with the BC Support Unit and Swallowing Innovations Lab on November 3rd

Please join us for our next colloquium, with the BC Support Unit and Swallowing Innovations Lab, on Wednesday 03 November.

Title: Understanding Patient Engagement in Research: An Introduction
Speakers: Dr. Lynne Feehan, Dr. Larry Mróz, Lionel Dussault, Tahira Tejpar
When: November 3rd, 2021, 12:35–1:20 pm PST
Where: Virtual attendance, RSVP here.


Patient oriented research focuses on health care outcomes prioritized by patients. Involving patients and their caregivers as members of the research team provides first-hand experience of which study investigators can utilize in study design to address specific barriers in the health care system. Patient partners offer unique insight into health care and become integral members of any research team when included in the conception, development, execution, translation, and dissemination of research. We will provide an overview of patient oriented research and how to involve a patient partner in health research. We will also offer a dialogue with one of our team’s patient partners, who will share some of his lived experience in the health care system and his motivation for joining a health research team.

Speaker Bios:

Lynne Feehan, PhD , is a clinician-scientist with over 40 years of clinical experience working as a physiotherapist specializing in upper extremity rehabilitation. Lynne’s has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and has completed two Post-doctoral Fellowships in applied clinical research focusing on Knowledge Translation, Arthritis, Physical Activity and Bone Health. Lynne is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC and is currently the Knowledge Translation Lead at the BC SUPPORT Unit. In this role, Lynne supports health researchers to adopt a patient-oriented approach to their work and ensure that findings from patient-oriented research are accessible, understood and used in the real world.


Larry Mróz, PhD, has researched how people experience various health conditions and their health behaviours. He has a PhD from UBC in Human Nutrition and completed two post-doctoral fellowships focusing on men’s health, prostate cancer and end-of-life care. Larry is Research Services Lead and Patient Engagement Coordinator with the BC SUPPORT Unit, Vancouver office. In this role he helps health researchers work with non-researchers, including patients, to help build their capacity to contribute to the research process. This involves educating and training researchers, patient/family/public   partners, health care providers and policy decision makers in patient oriented research practices.


Lionel Dussault is a patient partner in the Si-Lab. Diagnosed with paralyzed vocal folds obstructing his airway, he has lived with a tracheostomy tube for the past 7 years. Lionel offers his his personal experience in the health care system and what motivates him to be involved in patient oriented research. His hopes that sharing his knowledge will increase awareness of life with a tracheostomy tube, and create opportunities for open conversation. Lionel is the single father of two children, and continues his career as a Store Manager of a big box retailer.


Tahira Tejpar, BA, MSc, is a clinical research professional. As the coordinator of the Si-Lab, her role is to support ongoing research projects and lab activities. She is experienced in managing clinical trials and clinical research projects, and is very interested in continuing to involve patient partners in research at the Si-Lab. Tahira graduated with a B.A. in psychology from the University of Victoria in 2014 and a M.Sc. in neuroscience from Simon Fraser University in 2017. Her Masters research explored the neural correlates of the auditory steady state response in Down Syndrome-initiating her interest in the field of audiology and speech science.