Barbara May Bernhardt

Professor Emerita

Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 1990


Crosslinguistic Project Phonological Development website:


Barbara May Bernhardt received her MSc in speech-language pathology from the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences in 1972 and her PhD in 1990 on application of nonlinear phonology to intervention. She was on faculty in the School from 1990-2017, when she retired (June 30 2017). She currently is Professor Emerita.

Research interests include phonological and phonetic development, assessment and intervention, including the use of ultrasound as visual feedback. Other areas include developmental language acquisition and difficulties and service delivery to First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Canada.

Ongoing Projects as Emerita:

1. Phonological development (typical and protracted) across languages: An international study (since 2004) is characterizing phonological development across 15 languages and providing free clinical assessment tools and tutorials (through SASS PhD graduates Hadeel Ayyad (Kuwaiti Arabic), Daniel Bérubé (French) and Glenda Mason (English multisyllabic words) are collaborators on this ongoing project.

2 . Articulatory visual feedback with ultrasound: A number of projects (including the dissertation of Penelope Bacsfalvi) have explored the effectiveness of visual feedback in speech therapy and accent modification as provided by ultrasound and electropalatography. An upcoming project will be comparing ultrasound in intervention for children with cleft palate in Kuwaiti Arabic, English and French (with Drs. Ayyad, Bacsfalvi and Bérubé).

Bernhardt’s Phonology Publications


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Journal Articles

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