40th Anniversary Colloquium Series

Wednesday, October 28: 12:35-1:25 pm:

*Sue Scott, M.Sc., SLP(C)*. “Spreading (sharing?) our Knowledge: Training the First SLPs in Bangladesh”. Sue Scott takes us to Bangladesh through her description of  training SLPs in Bangladesh.

Wednesday, November 18, 12:35-1:25 pm:

*Nick Haywood, PhD, *Postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Valter Ciocca. “The perceived continuity of a tone through noise and silence.”  Where we ‘hear’ what we don’t really – mystical?

Wednesday, December 4, 12:35-1:25 pm:

*Christiana Christodoulou, *Graduate Student, Linguistics: Verbal Inflection in Down Syndrome: New Data, New Perspectives.

We thank the presenters in advance for agreeing to inform us on such a wide variety of topics this fall.

May Bernhardt, Monique Charest, organizing team