2021 Clinical Faculty Award Winners

The School of Audiology and Speech Sciences is honoured to announce the recipients of the Awards for Excellence in Clinical Education for 2021.

Jeffrey Rowell received the Elizabeth MacLeod Award for Excellence in Clinical Education (Speech-Language Pathology) for 2021.  Jeff practices at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The School would like to recognize Jeff for his longstanding commitment to clinical education, and specifically for the support and generosity he demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic: lockdowns, delays, cancellations, outbreaks- – none of it phased Jeff and he kept delivering, despite the challenges and uncertainties at this time.  His students describe him as an exceptional teacher who fosters confidence and allows a safe place to learn, to grow, make mistakes and learn some more! Jeff encouraged his students to consider the hard questions, prepare for professional life and practice and to seek an evidence base for their clinical practice. He is described as an Ambassador for the profession and we are honoured to recognize him for his contributions.

Dr. Charlotte Douglas received the Noelle Lamb Award for Excellence in Clinical Education (Audiology) for 2021. Charlotte worked for many years at the Saskatoon Health Authority before  establishing her own practice at Hear2Understand Audiology Services in 2018.   Charlotte has been a dedicated Clinical Faculty member for many years and has consistently offered to supervise students every year.  With a special clinical interests in early hearing loss detection, auditory processing, and tinnitus, UBC students have always consistently pointed to the wealth of learning experience they received with her as their mentor.  Charlotte also eagerly stepped up to help develop and run an online clinical education program for our SLP students when we needed to make urgent changes to our SLP minor clinical experience in the early days of the pandemic.  We greatly appreciate Charlottes many years of support to our students and the UBC program.

The faculty and administration of School of Audiology and Speech Sciences are pleased to have the opportunity to recognize Jeff and Charlotte for their many contributions to the School’s clinical education program, and would like to extend sincere congratulations to them both.