Now Available: sABR Software

This software is an excellent addition to any educational program that instructs students and/or clinicians on how to perform Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) assessments of hearing thresholds or neurological ABR screening of retrocohlear pathology. The sABR program was developed by Dr. Anthony Herdman to aid in instructing clinicians on how to conduct ABR assessments in infants and adults who have various types and degrees of hearing functions. The simulated ABRs are based on models of data extracted from several decades of published research on ABR.

sABR Software Full-version for purchase on FlintBox

sABR v9.4 Full-version (Annual License)

  • added ability to plot ABR overlaid with separate waves of true ABR signal and EEG noise
  • randomized selection of infant and adult cases for blinded testing
  • added standard-deviation ratio (SDR) calculation and SDR-calculated Residual Noise (RN) value
  • ability to save and load sABR data
  • improved modeling of off-frequency responses in steep-sloping losses
  • improved modeling of bone-conduction ABR to match possible ispi/contra asymmetries
  • added intermittent wakefulness with corresponding changes in EEG
  • recording session time now includes randomized duration of sleep times for infants based on published results

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sABR v9.4 Limited-version (30-day Trial License)

A free 30-day trial license of sABR software is available with limited functionality, allowing users to simulate ABRs for a normal hearing infant.