Marcia Goldbach

Clinical Instructor, Audiology

B.A. Speech- Language Pathology/ Audiology – UNESA – Brazil (1991)
Master in Clinical Psychology – PUC-RJ- Brazil (1996)
PhD. Speech- Language Pathology/ Audiology – UNIFESP – Brazil (2000)
M.Sc. Audiology and Speech Sciences UBC (2015)
Registered Audiologist, Hearing Instrument Practitioner, Speech-Language Pathologist


Phone: (604) 315-5102
Fax: (604) 822-6569


Marcia’s areas of interest include clinical education, pediatric audiology and early identification/ intervention of hearing loss. She works for Richmond Public Health, which provides diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology services to the pediatric population. Richmond Health Department is a training site for speech-language pathology and audiology students.

As part of the UBC team of clinical coordinators, she arranges externship experiences across Canada for UBC students.