Child Phonology, Phonetics & Language Acquisition

B. May  Handford Bernhardt, Ph.D., Professor

Phonological, phonetic and general language development (typical and protracted); First Nations English dialects and implications for assessment and intervention

Lab Description

Principal Research Programs:

  1. Phonological and phonetic development, impairment, assessment and intervention.
    a. Nonlinear phonological intervention studies, 1990-.
    b. Cross-linguistic focus, 2006-: German, Arabic, (Later: Spanish, Slovene, Hungarian, Japanese, Mandarin.)
  2. Ultrasound, electropalatography and acoustic visual feedback in speech assessment and (re)habilitation. 1996-.
  3. Early prediction of language impairment: Joint project with Dr. Janet Werker, Psychology, Dr. Linda Siegel, Educational Psychology and Special Education and Dr. Carolyn Johnson, Emerita, Audiology and Speech Sciences. 2002-.
  4. First Nations English dialects in Canada:  Implications for speech-language pathology practice. Collaboration with Dr. Jessica Ball, University of Victoria, 2004-2007.

Laboratory located at: Room 438, Friedman Building.

Phone: 604.827.4060.

Affiliated with: Interdisciplinary Speech Research Laboratory: Stores Road Annex, Stores Road, UBC. This interdisciplinary laboratory has the latest in speech analysis technology, including ultrasound, electropalatography, and many acoustic analyses and other analyses programs. This is available to faculty and students in Audiology and Speech Sciences. The main collaborator in this lab in the School is (Barbara) May Bernhardt, Ph.D.  Bryan Gick, Ph.D., Linguistics, is the Lab Manager and Principal Investigator.