AUDI 402 and 403 (prerequisite online courses)

AUDI 402 (3 credits) Neuroanatomy for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

AUDI 402 is an overview of neuroanatomy and functional neuroanatomy with emphasis on neuroanatomy related to hearing and speech mechanisms. This course is offered online twice a year, beginning in January and May. Please note that this course requires prerequisite course content as described below.
AUDI 402 course syllabus

AUDI 403 (1.5 credits) Introduction to Neurolinguistics

AUDI 403 addresses historical and current research findings and issues related to identifying the neuroanatomical substrates associated with language processing, including brain imaging, localization, and lateralization of language functions. This 6-week course is offered online each year, beginning in March. Please note, this course requires prerequisite content as described below.
AUDI 403 course syllabus


AUDI 402 and/or AUDI 403 Prerequisite Information

  1. AUDI 402, at least ONE of the following prerequisites is required:
  • Sensation (UBC course: PSYC 367) or equivalent
  • Perception (UBC course: PSYC 368) or equivalent
  • Speech Science (UBC course: LING 313 and LING 314) or equivalent
  • Fourth-year student standing, with both Anatomy and Physiology completed
  • Biopsychology
  • Neuropsychology


  1. AUDI 403, ALL of the following prerequisites are required:
  • Linguistic Theory and Analysis I or equivalent  (UBC course: LING 200)
  • Linguistic Theory and Analysis II or equivalent (UBC course: LING 201)
  • Neuroanatomy or equivalent (UBC Course:  AUDI 402 Note: this can be taken concurrently with AUDI 403)


  1. Both AUDI 402 and 403

If you are a non-native English speaker, and you do not have at least three years of continuous post-secondary education in an English-speaking university, you must demonstrate adequate proficiency in English by meeting the following requirement:

  • Take either the TOEFL or IELTS tests, ensuring that you meet the stated minimum individual component scores AND the overall score as follows:


Registration Eligibility and Student Responsibility

Students who wish to take AUDI 402 and/or 403 must meet the above prerequisite requirements prior to registering for each course.  It is each student’s responsibility to ensure he/she meets these requirements. Failure to meet these requirements may result in inadequate preparation and background for successfully completing these courses. In other words, consequences of registering without the required background knowledge/skills (e.g., not having adequate content area knowledge or not having sufficient English proficiency) may include failing individual components of the course or the entire course.


1) If a student is unsure whether their coursework meets our 402 or 403 prerequisites, they should inquire with their home institution’s undergraduate advisor. We are not able to provide consultation on other institutions’ course equivalences.

2) Retake Policy: A student may retake AUDI 402/403 if he/she received a previous 402/403 final course mark that was below 55%.


New Registration Process (revised March 2018)

Note: Proceed only if you meet ALL of the applicable aforementioned prerequisite requirements.

For AUDI 402 (Summer 2018) you must self-register on the AUDI 402 1W1 waiting list in order for your registration to be manually transferred by the School office to AUDI 402 98A (which is blocked for self-registration).

Registration on a waiting list does not guarantee registration in the course. Students will be moved off the waiting list whenever space becomes available. If you are informed that the waiting list is full, be sure to check back regularly as a spot may become available.

For Audi 403 you will only be able to self-register until the add/drop deadline for Winter term 2.

For information on how to access the registration system, see below:


Currently attending UBC students:

If you are currently a UBC student, you can register for AUDI 402 and/or 403 online via your SSC account.

You can view the available sections on the online course schedule.


Previously attended UBC students:

If you have previously attended UBC but are not currently attending, please send an email to with your full name, your date of birth and your UBC student number along with the request to be granted eligibility as an Unclassified student. You will then be able to register for the courses on the SSC.


Non-UBC students:

If you are not currently a UBC student, you will need to become one in order to be registered and should apply to become an Access Studies student online.

Note: It generally takes admissions 4-6 weeks to process an ACES application.


Once you have been admitted, Enrolment Services will provide you with information. Should you have questions about course fees, please contact Access Studies.