AUDI 402 and 403 (prerequisite online courses)

Note: Detailed information about Speech Sciences and Audiology is captured in this Prerequisite Coursework document.

AUDI 402 (3 credits) Neuroanatomy for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

AUDI 402 is an overview of neuroanatomy and functional neuroanatomy with emphasis on neuroanatomy related to hearing and speech mechanisms. This course is offered online twice a year, beginning in January and May. Please note that this course may require prerequisite course content.

AUDI 403 (1.5 credits) Introduction to Neurolinguistics

AUDI 403 addresses historical and current issues in studying the neuroanatomical substrates associated with language processing, including brain imaging, localization, and laterlization of language functions. This course is offered online each year, beginning in March. Please note, this course may require prerequisite course content.

AUDI 402 and/or AUDI 403 Registration Information

1. Ensure that you have completed (or are currently completing):

For AUDI 402, at least one of the following prerequisites:

  • Sensation (UBC course: PSYC 367) or equivalent
  • Perception (UBC course: PSYC 368) or equivalent
  • Speech Science (UBC course: LING 313 and LING 314) or equivalent
  • Fourth-year student standing, with both Anatomy and Physiology completed
  • Biopsychology
  • Neuropsychology

For AUDI 403 all of the following prerequisites:

  • Linguistic Theory and Analysis I or equivalent  (UBC course: LING 200)
  • Linguistic Theory and Analysis II or equivalent (UBC course: LING 201)
  • Neuroanatomy or equivalent (UBC Course:  AUDI 402 Note: this can be taken concurrently with AUDI 403), or by permission (Contact Course Coordinator at:

2. Provide unofficial transcripts (can be copies of originals, but must show University logo/name, your name, and your student number) documenting your completed prerequisite coursework for AUDI 402 or AUDI 403.  For courses not taken at UBC you must send the course syllabi (not a calendar description).

3. Send all your transcripts and course syllabi (if needed) by one of these methods:

  • Fax it to The School of Audiology and Speech Sciences at 604-822-6569. Address it “Attn: AUDI 402 prerequisites” or “Attn: AUDI 403 prerequisites,” and include your email address.
  • Email it to Send materials as PDF attachments. Include the subject line “AUDI 402 prerequisites” or “AUDI 403 prerequisites,” and include your name in the email.

4. Registration Deadline:

AUDI 402 registration materials must be submitted/received for evaluation by December 15 (for January offering) or April 15 (for May offering).

AUDI 403 registration materials must be submitted/received for evaluation by:

  • December 20, if you are not currently a UBC student
  • January 5, if you previously attended, but are not currently attending, UBC
  • January 15, if you are currently a UBC student

Eligibility Review Process

Materials received will be reviewed two months before the beginning of each offering of 402 and 403. When the School has determined whether a student meets the eligibility requirements for AUDI 402 or AUDI 403, the student will receive an email confirming their eligibility for registration. If confirmed, the student will also receive instructions for enrolling in the course. These instructions differ, depending on whether you have studied at UBC. For UBC students, please note that although you may be able to self-register via the UBC course registration system for AUDI 402 or 403, unless you receive approval from the Course Coordinator, your name will be removed from the registration list.