John H.V. Gilbert

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. (Purdue University)


John was founding Director of the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences in 1969, served as Director of the former School of Rehabilitation Sciences in the ‘80s, and is founding Principal and Professor Emeritus of the College of Health Disciplines at UBC. Since 2000, John has served on, and continues to serve on, a number of boards, both locally and nationally. He was the first Chair of the Board of the Women’s Health Research Institute at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre. He has served on the Board of the Victorian Order of Nurses (Ottawa). He is a continuing member of the Board of the Michener Institute (Toronto) and the B.C. Health Education Foundation. He also continues to serve on the Board of the International Association for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice, and as Faculty Advisor to the National Health Sciences Student’s Association. He is a Senior Scholar at the WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Planning and Research at Dalhousie University. He serves on the Advisory Council, School of Health Sciences at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, is expert advisor to the Federal, Provincial, Territory Coordinating Committee on Entry into Practice Credentialing, and is a member of the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Health Education Task Force. In 2008, he was appointed by British Columbia’s Minister of Health to the Patient Care Quality Review Board (Vancouver Coastal, Fraser, Provincial Health Authority).

During his graduate career at Purdue University John was a UK-USA Fulbright Scholar, and a David Ross Research Fellow. At UBC he was a Medical Research Council post-doctoral Scholar in the early ‘70s. n 1988, he was awarded the Honours of the B.C. Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, and the Medal for Outstanding Professional Achievement by the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. He was named one of the Outstanding Alumni in the School of Liberal Arts by Purdue University in 1993. In 1995, he received a UBC Faculty of Medicine Killam Outstanding Teaching Award. He received a 50th Jubilee Medal from the Faculty of Medicine at UBC in 2000 for his exceptional and outstanding contribution to the Faculty. In 2003 he was recognized by the Distinguished Service Award by the British Columbia Institute of Technology for outstanding service to B.C.’s health community. He was a Senior Fellow at Green College, at UBC from 1991-1995. He was invited to give the Keynote Address at the Annual Faculty Convocation, Medical University of South Carolina in 2007. He was Visiting Virtual Scholar at Humber College Toronto during the 2008-09 academic year.  He was elected a Fellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, in 2008. In 2010 he received the National Health Sciences Students Interprofessional Education Mentorship Award. From 2010 this award will be named after John in recognition of his outstanding contributions to interprofessional student education.

It was John’s vision and leadership that led to the concept of interprofessional education being developed as a central tenet of team-based collaborative patient-centred practice and care. These concepts are now part of university, college, and institute health sciences training across Canada.

Publications since 2008

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