Teaching Procedural and Technical Skills:

The following are guidelines for teaching technical skills and have applications for teaching audiology and speech-language pathology standardized testing procedures, report writing, oral mechanism examinations etc. Following are the 7 principles outlined:

1. Plan ahead:

a. review performance objectives
b. assess learners needs (has the student seen this procedure? Done this procedure? ensure that the learner has prepared (e.g., reviewed notes, CD, article)

2. Demonstrate procedure:

a. make explicit commentary during the demonstration
b. allow and invite questions or interruptions

3. Observe the learner in action and allow for practice

a. ask the learner to verbalize what he/she is doing
b. encourage self-assessment and reflection

4. Provide feedback

a. be specific and descriptive
b. ensure feedback is nonjudgmental and performance-based

5. Encourage learner’s self-assessment of perceived levels of skill and perceived areas requiring improvement

6. Allow for practice under less-than-ideal conditions; ensure varying degrees of complexity

7. Prepare to modify approach for:

a. the unprepared learner
b. different learning sites

What strategies do you find work well ? Let us know


McLeod, P.J., Steinert, Y., Trudel, J., and Gottesman, R. (2001).Seven principles for teaching procedural and technical skills. Academic Medicine, Vol. 76.No. 10 Oct. 2001 p. 1080.